Tuesday, February 28, 2012

remember me

hey there.  remember me... sorry, not much writing here.  I've more been focusing on photography and my studio site.  However, every once in a while I just need to write without reservation and without concern to whether it will affect my "business" or one day business.

I have had a growing passion for photography and have been taking steps to establish a small business out of it.  Problem is... money...

whine whine whine whine....

that's what you'll get from me if i would write more of my heart.  I hate that I am so discontented about this.  It is money after all, material things, things that don't matter, really.

There are so many more important things that would be worthy of my concern.  But here I am with a dream that I have no idea if it will ever come to fruition.  And I am here, discouraged by various obstacles standing in my way.  And I just have to ask under my breath if He wants this dream for me, if He cares the love I have found in this art, the healing I have found, the vision I see through the lens.  And I know He cares for the sparrow so He must care for me and my little dream.  And I struggle to wait on His timing.
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