Friday, September 10, 2010

Where credit is due

There is a long standing joke in my family, and maybe in yours as well. My husband and I love to eat with our friends and have often been parts of weekly groups that meet together and each couple brings a dish to share a meal.  Actually, tonight will be such a night! Often when gathered around the table, the question will arise, "Did you make this?"  Of course, you know the response, "Well, do you like it? If so, then yes!  If not, my spouse made it." This lighthearted joking hints to a deeper motive in our hearts.

We love to revel in the glory of our accomplishments, but seek to hide from the responsibility of our not so glorious moments. 

As I study God's Word, I am struck with the truth that my accomplishments aren't really mine at all.  Not only are all of my good deeds tarnished with sin, but anything good from me originated first in the Father, the Creator who works in me to accomplish His good purpose.

How awesome that He gifted me with things that I can accomplish.  How sad that often I forget and think that I accomplish these great things.  As I read and pray and attempt to live God's Word, my prayer becomes, "Lord, keep me humble. Lord, show me more of your greatness, show me how to live in your glory and not the illusion of my own."

Upon seeing a great work of art, we often ask who the artist is.  I love to read the artist's biography and attempt to understand the painting at deeper levels; the painting conversely tells me more about the artist.  I may even revel in the beauty of the painting, the way the colors, textures, and composition work well together to speak to my spirit and communicate the story of the artist.  The source of the story, of the beauty, comes from the artist who created the painting.

May our lives and the beauty they hold tell of the Artist and communicate His story.

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My Life as a Mom said...

So true. All our good works were prepared in advance for us to walk in them, including my famous salads:)

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