Friday, October 7, 2011


Ever have one of those weeks?  You know the kind where you just can't get on top of things?  I've been physically ill all week.  I think my body has broken down because of my emotional state.

Last Sunday as we were loading the car to get to church we discovered we had been robbed.  I love a few "things" and the one "thing" that I love most was taken from me.  I had left my camera in the car with all of my favorite equipment. I glanced at it the night before as I was getting out and thought, "I'll leave it in so we won't forget to bring it with us to the park after church."  What's ironic is that I had just returned from Walmart, where I had carried it in with me for fear of it being stolen from my car in the parking lot.

Many things race through my mind as a result of this.  One- guilt... "You don't deserve something you can't take care of."  2.  again--guilt,  "You shouldn't feel so bad, be grateful for what you have." 3.  Extreme anger. 4. Pity and prayer for the thieves to be convicted in their hearts. 5.Sadness and loss as if a part of me was taken... and then back at one...

My home insurance will cover a very small percentage of what was taken.  I have a $1000 deductible... yes you can cry for me if you want. :)  With the few hundred that I anticipate getting back, I will begin to rebuild my collection and I will also look into third party insurance.

The level to which this has impacted me has also solidified my passion for photography.  I am now wondering if I should take photography to a new level, what that would look like, and how it would work out as I continue to raise two young boys alongside my husband.

I'm now looking for things around my house to sell and am restocking my Etsy store with shirts that I have made in order to raise new funds for my camera.


Christina said...

I am sad along with you! You're photography speaks to my soul in ways that words cannot. I am praying for your camera to be found and/or for the money to replace it. Praying that God continues to use you to share Him through the lense of a camera.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, feel your pain. Only just found your blog and look forward to checking out your great photography. Hope it all works out for you in spectacular fashion ... blessed beyond measure.

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