Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Love Me Never Leave Me"

I was inspired to try out the kindle application on my iPhone. Though hesitant about not holding the actual book in my hand, I think I really like it. I bought Marilyn Meberg's book, "Love Me Never Leave Me." She was one of the speakers at WOF last weekend that I really enjoyed. I have to say, I'm almost done with the book, that's less than three days, which is pretty incredible for me. It's nice to have the book on my iPhone, because it is basically always available to me.

The book is about the core issues that we deal with at our depths of abandonment. I know that there are many ways that I react now due to fear of abandonment.

Here is the product description (I'd write more, but am at a loss for words for some reason). Maybe later.

"Caught off guard, surprised by their own reactions, emotions bubble up that women fight to smother. Where did that come from? What can I do with this feeling that won't go away? Why do I feel and act this way?

Counselor Marilyn Meberg has been there too. When she got pregnant, she got scared. When her baby girl died, she got angry. When her husband died, she battled loneliness and sorrow. In between the peaks and valleys, Marilyn began to see a pattern that led to a greater understanding of herself and a richer happiness in life.

She says, 'We crave connection with the ones we love most, and when our bond with them is broken, damaged, or threatened, we fear being left. We fear abandonment.'

Love Me, Never Leave Me tells you that desiring a love that never leaves is natural, that there are ways to turn feelings of being abandoned into experiences of emotional abundance, and to know that you are God's beloved child-and he will never leave you or forsake you."

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