Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts on the movie "The Blind Side"

While we were in N.C., Adam and I had the rare opportunity to have a date (thanks, Grammie). We went to the movies and saw "The Blind Side." I really enjoyed the movie and have been struck by a few comments. One is about the "out of poverty through sports stereotype." I have really thought about this a lot. For this kid and for many others sports were key in getting them out, but not the ticket. There are many, MANY, talented athletes in the ghettos who are far more talented than those in the pros. Why didn't they make it? It's heartbreaking to know those who could've gone far with their giftings but instead have fallen into the traps of drugs and crime.

"The Blind Side" is more about the love of a family than about making it through sports. It's hard to get anywhere when the whole world is dark and no one stands behind you. For this kid, he was taken in, loved, and encouraged. This is why he has become successful.

Another thought that I have is that there are many movies that focus on various ways out of poverty. "Gifted Hands" is about an amazing brain surgeon, there's one about a great speller, "Akeela and the Bee," there are dance movies, art movies, and the list goes on. I wouldn't discount the beauty in the story of "The Blind Side," because he happens to be a successful football player.

My final thought is that there is another potential stereotype working in this movie. If you look at it from the eyes of someone who grew up in the projects, you could say, "All white people are rich." Most family's don't have a $10,000 couch and own nearly 100 fast food restaurants. However, it's not really about the money. This family happened to have plenty, which complicated the process of taking a kid off of the streets more and shifted their world view dramatically. But, we don't have to be filthy rich to make a difference. My hope is that I could be used by God in other's lives to make as rich and full difference despite my level of income.

All in all, this was a great movie. As with most Hollywood productions, I'm sure there are things that may be dramatized, but the story is a true one of redemption and hope.

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