Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Reflections and Hopes

I never really took to making new years resolutions. I knew I'd never keep them, and found it quite silly to try to fool myself into doing something that I would most certainly fail at.

New Years has taken a different type of meaning for me, not "what can I do better this year," but "look what God has done in the previous one." Reflecting on all of His blessings of 2009 builds my faith and reassures me that He will continue to be at work in 2010. With all that He has done for me, I wait in eager expectation of what He will do next. He is so good and can do "immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine."

Highlights of 2009:
God's abundant grace that holds me up even though there are times I can do little more than beg for it.

Andrew's health and budding personality. It is such a joy to see him grow into a little boy. There are constantly new things to praise God for that Andrew is doing.

My amazing husband who has served us and pursues Christ daily.

Times with friends and family.

Increased involvement at our Church who is becoming increasingly involved in the Community.

God has been so good!!!

From Spurgeon:
"What heavens are laid up in Jesus! What rivers of infinite bliss have their source, aye, and every drop of their fulness in Him! Since, O sweet Lord Jesus, thou art the present portion of thy people, favor us this year with such a sense of thy preciousness, that from its first to its last day we may be glad and rejoice in thee. Let January open with joy in the Lord and December close with gladness in Jesus."

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