Monday, May 2, 2011

Seeing through thanksgiving.

Remembering to give thanks, I take a deep breath as I reread and type my list for the week.  I have been down and exhausted and today (Sunday) I just want to hide in a hole somewhere and mope.  I look at all of this, my thank offerings for the week.  My heart changes at this moment, this remembering, this seeing again what God has done.  He continues to pour out grace upon grace.  Oh for the eyes to see in each moment.

388.  Ticklish baby
389.  Play date to the zoo with perfect weather
390.  Ticklish big brother
391.  Conversations with 3 year old
392.  Prayer
393.  Bedtime
394.  Worship on Pandora in my car
395.  Reminders of New Orleans
396.  Double rainbow, reminder of Faithfulness
397.  Playing cars on hand drawn maps
398.  Friends watching my boys so I could get out of the house.
399.  Girl's movie night
400.  Subs from publix with a friend
401.  Mosaic with Andrew
402.  Rain
403.  Listening to my son sing, "This is the day."
404.  Falling asleep on the couch with my 3 year old
405.  Baby boy falling asleep on my chest
406.  Son's excitement about a passing train
407.  Fresh green beans from neighbor's garden
408.  Storm clouds rolling overhead.
409.  Sandhill crane flying by as I watch the storm.
410.  My growing 3 year old in the 95th percentile for height
411.  A helping hand and playmate for my son.
412.  Borrowed steam cleaner
413.  Mostly clean carpets
414.  Scooting, rolling, splashing, kicking baby
415.  Multiple trips to the park.
416.  Sleeping Baby in swing.
417.  Dirty baby feet.
418.  Husband home after a week away.
419.  Boys playing football
420.  Church fellowship at the park


Christina said...

Love your list as always:) Absolutely love the dirty feet and the last one. God is good!

MEBSwick said...

LOVE the last pic - heart melter!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

# 398 would have to be my favorite, although they were all wonderful! Nothing like friends who know and understand and do the right thing when you need it. After all, that's what friends are for, right??? And the dirty feet? Priceless!

Jenna said...

So glad I stopped by...your photography is beautiful and I couldn't agree more with your statement at the beginning of your's healing to read over the gifts you have recorded throughout the week.

Heather said...

Oh wow.
Fantastic photos!
Your beautiful list feels so familiar... trains, dirty feet, all the loving of the simple joys around you :)

I enjoyed stopping by here today.

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