Saturday, July 3, 2010

A second chance?

If you've kept up with my posts or my FB, then you know that I lost a close friend last week.   Her death and the circumstances surrounding it has been devastating to me.  We were very close in college and had since lost touch.  We had been meaning to get together, but never quite got our schedules lined up.  Now I know that if I could do it again I would make it a top priority.  One line in the song "Treasure of the Broken Land" says "Nobody gets the second chance to be the friend they meant to be."  I, along with most of my friends that knew Julie in college, feel a tremendous regret for not being more there for her.  I know that I'll always regret not knowing her in the more recent years.

While I don't get a second chance with Julie, I do feel like it's a wake up call to be a better friend to others God brings across my path.  There are many people, myself included, who could use deeper friendships.  Also, I can stay better in touch with the friends who I have been close to in my past.  I am praying that though I have regret about Julie, God will make me "the friend I meant to be" for present and future friendships.


My Life as a Mom said...

You ARE an awesome friend!

MEBSwick said...

ditto :) big hugs

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