Monday, July 5, 2010

Thankfulness 44-48

44.  My son's cute voice.  He has been learning and saying all kinds of cute phrases.  He says, "Oh my goodness!"  and tonight with the fireworks going off everywhere as we drove home he kept saying, "Fireworks, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"  I also love the way he narrates his day when I ask him what he has done today.

45.  Fourth of July spent with friends.  Love it.

46.  Quiet in the middle of the night.  Often I can't sleep well for at least some portion of the night.  While it can be frustrating, I do enjoy having a time when everyone else is asleep and it's quiet for me to reflect and pray.

47.  Lunch with friends after church.  Food, Fun, and Fellowship. Enough said. :)

48.  Midnight snacks for my growing belly. :)

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