Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gestational Diabetes

Last Friday I found out that I have Gestational Diabetes.  At first it was overwhelming and stressful with all of the information that I was given.  Being an unorganized person, I didn't think I could handle the rigid schedule of a strict diet (low carb), and counting carbs, as well as checking my glucose levels 4 times a day.  The initial stress has worn off and it's actually kind of neat to see how the food that I eat affects the glucose levels in my blood.

But now I am slightly overwhelmed again.  I have several appointments for the duration of pregnancy.  I went from routine checks to "higher risk" and that scares me a lot, even though I should probably not fear.  On top of that, I am highly irritable today.  Maybe due to all of the changes in my diet, I'm having some kind of withdrawal?  

Anyways, there's a brief update and request for prayer.  Thanks in advance.

For a brief overview of Gestational Diabetes


Karin said...

I'm sorry the GD diagnosis has been so trying lately. I may end up there myself, and just thinking about it is overwhelming.

I have found the extra appointments being high risk to be wonderful. I had two second trimester miscarriages and am now on Lovenox for Factor V Leiden. The more frequent checks just reassure me. I hope they can be reassuring for you rather than scary.

A quick note on dad is type 2 diabetic, and we always notice he is grouchy when his glucose is high. (HE doesn't always think so. ;) It really is fascinating, like you said, to see how those carbs (and exercise) affect the levels.

My Life as a Mom said...


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