Monday, April 25, 2011

Gratitude list.

358. Leaving the laundry to go to the park
359. Tacos for dinner
360. Healthy Baby Girl, Aiden Young
361. Andrew playing football at the park.
362. Sand in dumptrucks
363. Plastic shovels
364. Boys watching diggers
365. Wooden truck to climb on
366. Still waters
367.  Boy spinning, jumping, climbing, running
368. Being pushed in the swing by 3 year old.
369.  A quiet drive due to boys falling asleep.
370.  Taking the long way to make the moment last.
371.  Good Friday and Psalm 22 speaking to me
372.  Daddy taking 3 year old out for ice cream after dinner
373.  Memory game scattered on floor.
374.  God has entrusted me with the message of the Gospel
375.  Amazing Love
376.  He was forsaken so that I will never be
377.  God's Spirit at work
378.  Resting in his embrace
379.  Ice cold water quenching my thirst and reminding me of the living water and my dire need to be filled
380.  Easter celebration with my dear church family
381.  He is Risen!
382.  Husband's helping hand around the house
383.  Boys fishing
384.  A walk to feed farm animals
385. Pinwheels
386.   Baby being introduced to dirt and grass

387.  "God sets the lonely in families" Psalm 68:6 a


MEBSwick said...

love the last pic!

Adoption Mama said...

So adorable pix. Love to see your need for living water on that list of gratitude...a daily need for me.

Christina said...

Love it! The last picture is perfect! Oh, to leave the laundrey...

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