Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When given the opportunity, I grab my camera and head out of the house after dinner. Most days by this time the demands of mothering leave me defeated and deflated. Getting out in God's creation refreshes my soul and renews my Spirit.

Today, would you come with me on our usual walk to a frequent spot where I’ve taken many shots of beautiful flowers. This day I’m drawn, not to them, but to what I’ve walked across to get to them.

Low to the ground below them lay humble beauty—that which we call weeds and pluck from the ground to preserve and manicure what we esteem as beautiful.

And he calls beautiful what the world tramples.

Come join me in the studio to join me in a walk with Him today.

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Jen said...

Wow! Powerful quote, "And He calls beautiful, what the world tramples on." Will not be forgetting it anytime soon! So amazing how He sees the unseen & loves the unlovable! I love your photo too! :)
~ Jen

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