Saturday, June 18, 2011


This week I have gone into complete survival mode.  The ironic thing about "survival mode" for me is that it is really no way to survive.  I'm thankful for the grace of God that holds me up when I shut down and pull away.

What led to this?  I think a week FULL of activity causes me to feel cramped and overwhelmed.  To deal with it I go into autopilot making it from one activity to the next, but just living on the surface looking for the day that it will ease up.  My life giving relationship neglected, this really is no way to survive.  It's a downward spiral in which I want to withdraw from everyone including my heavenly Father.

And speaking of father.  I honestly would like to skip this week... for some reason it's been especially hard and painful this year to remember my earthly father.  Praying for grace to forgive and grace to know true Fatherly Love.

In all this, I rely on Christ, who saves me from myself, lifts my head, heals my heart, and allows me to stand before God in His righteousness.

I have nothing to bring, but He has all that I need.


Christina said...

Oh man, I hear you! I would like to bury my head in the sand some days:) Praise Him that He did it all!

Missy K said...


Thanks so much for coming by A Daily Portion. I hear you about those over-committed weeks, and the sad results of just trying to push through. Wishing you the grace He has already promised and the refreshment it brings!

MEBSwick said...

love the wording --- survival mode... no way to survive! here's to some rest and rejuvination!

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