Sunday, June 26, 2011

Give Thanks to the Lord...

Gratitude Monday is here again and once again I feel out of time to even come close to adequately expressing how good God has been.  But even just a glimpse will show the greatness of God.

"You are my God, and I will praise you; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 118: 28,29  (you should read this whole psalm)

577.  The faithfulness of God proven over and over again in my life.
578.  God is my sure foundation and there is nothing more sure than His promises to me.
579.  A quiet home and energy to do a little housework while my preschooler enjoys meeting new friends at school.
580.  A day to not leave the house, get ready for our vacation, and play cars and trains with my preschooler.
581.  My baby's determination to learn how to crawl.  He is close.  :)  I am bracing myself!
582.  Rediscovering my sling and how to carry my growing infant on my hip in it.
583.  Our family's excitement for vacation with friends.
584.  Friends inviting us to enjoy a nice cabin on the river in Chattanooga (and sacrificing the master room for our family.
585.  The long drive going better than I expected with my two little ones.
586.  Hotel reward points providing a nice Hilton suite for us to break up the drive into two days.
587.  My husband's joy to be able to fish on the river often during our stay, and his restraint to be able to put it aside to help with the boys and fellowship with friends.
588.  Boys playing.
589.  Rocking chairs on front porches overlooking the Tennessee River and mountains.
590.  Children's museum (an amazing place)
591.  New City Fellowship (a very cool church)
592.  Worshiping with many cultures gathered under one roof giving a glimpse of how I believe worship will be in heaven, though our colors will be all the more brilliant in His glorious presence.
593.  A city that has rich culture, artistic expression, a historic city, and mountains.  I couldn't dream of a better place this side of home, though my husband would add an ocean coast to his wish list.
594.  That this list really is only a glimpse of all that God has done for me.


Christina said...

Totally agree with 593--couldn't have said it better myself! I love reexperiencing our trip through the eyes of an artist:) So glad you guys came!

Josh and Kelly said...

colorful, vibrant worship! I can't wait until heaven! He is so worthy! Lovely list and photos!

Amy @ simply necessary said...

Beautiful pictures...especially the raspberry! I would love a peaceful quiet day to do some housework! Ummm...quiet...I forgot what that is like! LOL

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a wonderful gift list post! Your photos are so beautiful. Excitement for vacation is wonderful. A cabin on the river sounds like so much fun. Rocking chairs. Love rocking chairs. :)

tinuviel said...

What beautiful images (photos and words)! The pictures are like a mini-vacation, restful and joyful, with no extra laundry afterward.

God bless you today and grant transition grace for the return from vacation.

Cora said...

Your pictures were just so wonderful!!! If I had to pick one, it would be the merry-go-round! I could just feel that spin. And rocking chairs???? There just has to be rocking chairs in Heaven!

Clare said...

Beautiful list and photos. God bless you!

Amy von Oven said...

LOVE IT...and I love that bible verse, it is so perfect!

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