Monday, July 4, 2011

Abounding grace in so many gifts

This week finds me at home after a sweet vacation with friends in the mountains in Chattanooga.  I loved being away in the beauty of God's creation.  I can't wait to get away again.  Meanwhile, I settle back into my Florida home, a bit out of place, but right where God has placed me.

596.  Early morning walks to the dock.
597.  My fishermen in the canoe.
598.  Connecting with dear friends from New Orleans and the unique fellowship we share.
599.  A longing for our fellowship to be together again (we've been apart since Hurricane Katrina) which points me to a deeper longing for our true Home and a fellowship unimaginable in the glory of our Father.
600.  Encouraging words from a friend.
601.  The men taking the boys for the afternoon and an opportunity for the mommas to get away.
602.  Breakfast cooked by my Hubby.
603.  Used book stores.
604.  Fun photos.
605.  A challenge to grow in the art of photography.
606.  Helping a turtle cross the street.
607.  Lots of playtime for the boys.
608.  My son's joy to be with his friends.
609.  A beautiful "hike"
610.  The wonder of caves and the way they grow and form, evidence of God's handiwork in places unseen.
611.  A still somewhat new happiness.
612.  Friends to travel with.


Christina said...

Love your list and love to have been a part of i:)

suzy said...

Oh, such beauty here!
I love your list and the photos are simply stunning.

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