Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Preschooler's thoughts on Heaven.

On Thursday's I like to link up with Christina at To Show Them Jesus to explore what it means to teach our kids about Jesus and practical ways to do so.  Do you have any ideas or challenges that you can share?  Consider joining us!

To Show Them Jesus

I'm still working with my three year old through a great book for preschoolers, My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts.  It's amazing the way that he can remember the verses and the opportunity that I have to use them in our daily conversations.

Today's verse was, "Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life." John 5:24  I didn't really think that he was paying much attention.  Usually it doesn't seem like he is, but he still remembers the verses.  In the middle of the story he asked, "Mommy, where is Heaven."  Stumped that he was listening and thinking, I stumbled for an answer.  I really tried to avoid talking to much about death on this day.  I told him that Heaven was God's home and where we could live forever with Him if we believe in Jesus with all our heart.  I told him that Heaven is the place that we were made of, that Heaven is our true Home.

Later we were riding in the car and he began talking more about Heaven.  "It will take us a long long time to get to Heaven"  (I think he meant drive).   

"Well, it might," I answered, "but it might not take that long at all. We don't drive there.  We will go when Jesus comes to bring us Home or when God chooses to bring us there.  We don't know when, so we should always be ready."

Wow.  This is the first real discussion that we have had where I can tell he is thinking.  It's neat to see him asking questions.  I continue to pray for God's Spirit to move deep in his heart that he would love and follow Him.

We approached our house.  "There's our house! We're home!"  I said. He shouted "Yay, there's Heaven!"
Oh the thoughts of a child!  I smiled and said, "Not quite, son."  But I'm glad that he made a connection that Heaven is our Home.


Christina said...

Those conversations are always challenging for adults because of our experiences and knowledge of death. Little children don't have those experiences yet so they can easily see heaven for what it is--the place where God is. So cute and exciting to hear Him ask those questions! You know what Jesus said about the kingdom and children:)

Jen said...

I love the thoughts of true! Yes, heaven is our home! Just precious! Blessings, ~ Jen

Amy von Oven said...

My daughter was stillborn and we openly talk about her being in Heaven with our other children. She was named Bethany after my cousin. One day a few months after our daughter Bethany had died we were driving to see my cousin. My four year said, Where are we going. I said, to see Bethany(my cousin)...He said...ohh, were going to Heaven! I love how they just know! :)

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