Thursday, July 28, 2011

The hard stuff.

Why share the hard stuff?  I often struggle to know whether to share the harder parts of my life.  Who really wants to hear about that?  Mostly, we'd rather look at happier, lighter things than the ugly and painful.  I know I would.  But God has a purpose in EVERYTHING and as I look at Scripture I see people who suffered and lived to TELL about it.  I see that they tell of God's glory and God's purpose.  They don't sweep half of their life under the rug and just tell of the easy stuff.

Take Joseph for example.  One of the main things we remember about him is the way that his brothers mistreated him.  God uses their acts against him for Joseph's good and God's glory.  Joseph acknowledges this and forgives his brothers.

I hope in the way my story unfolds, God receives glory for every step of the way.

In addition, healing for my heart comes as I tell my story.  I'm given a voice to express what still pains me.  Children in abuse have no voice, no control or say in their world.  As I speak about what was never spoken about as a child, I am strengthened and comforted and empowered to move forward.

SO, thanks to you for sticking with me through the hard stuff.  Though it can be hard to share, it's harder to deny that it ever happened.  And I'm comforted to have a few to walk alongside with in this journey as we share our stories with one another.


Christina said...

I appreciate you sharing the hard stuff. Makes me feel not so alone. We need to travel the journey together:)

Jen said...

Bless you as you speak out in truth and honesty. I love how you said that God never called us to hide it under a rug. It's like any wound..putting it under a bandaide can help cover it, but it is only when our wounds are exposed to the air of truth that true and complete healing take place. May your transparency help not only you, but others. ~ Jen

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