Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the Studio?

If you have been following this blog, you have noticed that I have begun directing you to a place I call the Studio.  Officially named Life River Studios, it has become a landing place and online home for many of my creative endeavors.  In addition, I write posts there that I share on Facebook in hopes of sharing what God is doing in my life and how He shows Himself to me through the gift of creation and of creating.  Because I share links with basically anybody I've ever brushed shoulders with, I'm hoping to keep it deep, but not as much as a journal as this blog has been.  It's been a blessing to hear from non-believers that they read and are impacted by what I've written there.

All that to say, this blog will remain somewhat of a journal.  I don't plan on making it private, but I don't plan on linking these posts to my Facebook account either.  I may share struggles in more depth here.  I'd like a place to continue to write and have support, but not for my whole world to know.  Thank you all who follow and encourage me. :)

1 comment:

Christina said...

And follow you I will:)

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