Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Practice of Love

The practice of love
Or the absence thereof
Eats away at the core
Where you wouldn’t give more
Gnawing, it erodes and threatens to consume
The firstfruits of me before I’m aware

The practice of love
Mixed with threats, cuts and blood
My safe haven shattered
As our dreams lie tattered
Fleeing to hide in a shelter that eludes
As approaching hope drowns in fear

The practice of love
Dreadful script comes undone
My Savior catches each tear
As He holds me forever near
Healing, restoring He gives life anew
And leads me to the true practice of love

The practice of love
Born from the One above
Proves unlike any I’ve known
Teaching me deep truths of Home
Running, soaring in His strength I can do
As He does and lay my life down for you.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Love it, love it! I love when you write poetry:) Such hard stuff to write about but He shines through. Thank you.

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