Monday, June 20, 2011

So many thanks, so little time.  I thought about just posting each photo as a thanks, but each one holds multiple reasons to be thankful, so many I can't list.  And then there are the things invisible that can only be seen with eyes of the heart.  I've had a full week.  Here is a small glimpse.

531.  Play date at the children's museum.
532.  Antique fire truck, child sized grocery store, and a pirate ship complete with kitchen and cannons.
533.  Imaginations of little boys to make it all come to life.
534.  Boys who are like brothers.
535.  Picnic lunch.

536. Andrew's first day of preschool.
537. His excitement and eagerness to get in and play with new friends.
538.  Packing his lunch.
539.  Backpack as a birthday present from his friends.
540.  School bus t-shirt and Life is indeed good.

541.  Growing baby feet.
542.  His fascination with the texture of grass.
543.  Baby sitting up.
544.  The feel of cool grass.
545.  God who makes all things grow.

546.  How my heart melts when my boys smile.
547.  This crooked little smile and the personality behind it.
548.  Six months old.
549.  Eyes deep and beautiful like the ocean.
550.  Holding, rocking, kissing, tickling, and cuddling this baby boy.

551. Celebrating a birthday boy.
552.  Parties in the park.
553.  Pinatas and the little ones who can't reach, but try anyways.
554.  Snowcones, cupcakes, juice, and various other sugar group foods and a day to splurge on them.
555.  Limbo, launching rockets, and stickers and chalk art.

556.  Nana in town for a weekend.
557.  Little hat to protect his little head.
558.  Beautiful sunny weather to enjoy the river.
559.  Fellowship with my church family with kayaks, boats, and rafts.
560.  Both of my boys' love for the water.

561.  The joy of discovering and exploring that little boys have.
562.  Seining for shrimp and fish.
563.  Little fingers trying to catch little creatures.
564.  How all of the children flock to our new pastor.
565.  A true family of believers.

566. "All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace." Isaiah 54:13
567.  The covenant of God for our family.
568.  The Keeper of the covenant and his infinite ability to uphold it.
569.  Our congregation who are family and help to raise our boys in the knowledge of Christ.
570.  God's grace to us to call us to himself, from darkness to life, and set us in the family of his followers.

571.  The provision of a pastor just in time for MD's baptism.
572.  Expectant hope of what God will do in the life of this little guy (and my other one).
573.  Confidence in Him to work in their hearts (and mine).
574.  Sweater vests and baby shoes :)
575.  Unbelieving family who attended the service and stayed for the preaching of God's Word.
576.  His ability to exchange hearts of stone for hearts of flesh.

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Christina said...

Love your list! The cool thing is that I enjoyed all the same things this week:) love the pic of Dave holding MD and praying.

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