Sunday, March 13, 2011

Counting Gifts

I've been in a daze lately.  Exhausted.  I've quickly learned that having two children means having quadruple the sickness when someone comes down with something.  On top of that, my husband's busy work schedule makes it more of a challenge.  So, I've fell behind in this new habit of thanksgiving in the moment and truthfully have not lived each moment fully.  I've been in more of a survivor mode.  Thankful for GRACE and praying for a renewed mind and spirit.

266. Sleep.
267.  My "big boy" sleeping in his "big bed"
268.  Four boys and two Mamma's in my Tahoe for a playdate.
269.  Alarm clock that turns green for my son when it's ok to get out of bed.
270.  A clean wardrobe.
271.  A restaurant gift card from a friend providing a family night out
272.  Clean clothes.
273.  That He does not get tired are weary
274.  Depending on the One who is most dependable.
275.  Memories of friends lost.
276.  New Orleans, the time I had there and the way it changed me.
277.  The ability to reconnect with family and see old family photos on facebook.
My Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather

1 comment:

Christina said...

Yay for the big boy! Give him a high five for me. Love the old pictures, old family pictures are my fav.

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