Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Simplify- Week One

In my previous post, I mentioned project simplify and that I needed to participate in this fun way to clean my home.
So, brace yourself, here are my results of week one's project.  

There is no shame in these before photos; I can be a real mess inside and out.  But just wait till you see the final product.

Here you have my wardrobe, next to my dresser.  Clothes piled everywhere.  Most of them I don't wear.

Here is a close up of the bottom of the wardrobe.  Mostly shoes I don't wear, clothes I've shoved from the top of my dresser, clothes that have fallen off of their hooks, other random objects.

There is no before picture of the inside of my drawers.  Do you really need one?  More of the same, trust me.

I spent one evening after the boys were in bed sorting, trying on, and tossing stuff.  I ended up with one full garbage bag of things to toss, one full bag of maternity clothes to sale or get rid of, and one full bag of nice clothes that I haven't worn in three years and do not fit into post pregnancy.
 Nice clothes to get rid of that don't fit.

With everything cleaned out, clothes once on top of dresser found a home. 
And I can also see how bad my furniture desires to be refinished.

The few nicer clothes I kept.  Truthfully I only like a couple of the shirts and need to go shopping.

The inside of a tshirt drawer.

Project one- success.  I love the results.
Random finds: 
$6.07 found in closet
one cute dress that fits
one cute dress that doesn't, still with tags on, but I can't part with.  It is the dress that I purchased for my rehearsal dinner.  The wedding plans changed due to Hurricane Katrina and I never wore the dress.  We did get married, just early and different than we had planned, but that's another post. :)


Christina said...

Woohoo! So proud of you!

Kate Frowzy said...

Nice job!

Marilyn said...

yahoo! lovin' the clean closet ---

HisBeloved said...

Now I'm dying to hear your wedding story! :D

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