Friday, March 18, 2011

Project Simplify-Week Two

This weeks challenge for Project Simplify was paper clutter.  I've actually been working on reducing paper clutter for months and so this before picture is really a 60% already done picture.  Though I attempt to declutter my desk often, I never finish.  I always have a pile (or piles) that I cannot find a home for or plan on getting to soon.  This pile moves from place to place and from declutter session to declutter session.

I also wish I had taken more before pictures.  Underneath the desk is stuffed full of things that have no home in my house.  To the right of the desk, there is a basket piled high with small gifts to give to the kids and other random objects.

The desk is my official black hole and hasn't seen daylight in about six years.

The picture below is actually a kind of after picture.  There usually is a pile of papers consisting of mail and coupons to be dealt with that grows and breeds clutter right next to the microwave.  I cleared it a couple of weeks ago, it was about half the height of the microwave.  On the counter in this picture is urgent paperwork.
I now have an outgoing slot on my desk for such paperwork.

Having a clean counter makes me smile and is so hard to keep up.  Random objects from home projects, junk mail, trash, and toys always end up here.  I have decided to have a "put away" box just inside the garage.  Whenever I find thing not in their place, they will go there.  If someone comes looking for said objects, they will be pointed to the box.

The desk picture below is unreal to me.  I have a strange sense of unfamiliarity about it, because I have grown so use to seeing clutter there.  And as I look closer, there is a piece of paper to be thrown away peeking out from underneath the desk.

Most of this project consisted of putting away and filing piles of important paperwork.  I did however fill a recycle bin and a trash can full of items that were not needed.

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Nicole said...

Your desk looks amazing! Great job :)

Christina said...

Beautiful! So proud of you--that takes dedication!

Cheri said...

Your desk looks wonderful! You could even sit at it now!

Suzanne said...

Love your desk! It looks great!

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