Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Simplify

I just came across Project Simplify at Simple Mom blog.  This is a nobrainer.  I have to do this!  Basically, 5 hot spots will be tackled in 5 weeks.  She gives an assignment on Monday.  We take before and after photos and blog about it by Friday.  How could cleaning be any more fun than that?

She also gives tips and tasks of how to complete each hotspot.

Here is the first assignment (this week).  Hot Spot #1

So now that I told you, I guess I have to really do it!


My Life as a Mom said...

I saw that too! Sadly, I couldn't find anything left to organize;)
Have fun with your closet--you might find hidden treausres:)

Marilyn said...

love this --- i find the funny part is step one - be sure all clothes are clean - now that all my clothes are clean i see i have a TON of clothes - not necessarily those fit - but more than can fit in the closet ----

will work on this... AFTER home study is done :)

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