Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last week I received a charm that I love.  As soon as the little box arrived in the mail, I opened it and put it on.  Handstamped with a heart and "love" on the front, the back has ashlynn haven stamped on the back.  I'll post pictures one of these days; I just haven't taken it off long enough to take a picture.

My 2 year old son loves to hold it and talk about the heart on it.  I explained that it was love and that I loved him and baby Ashlynn.  I showed him her name on the back.  Now sometimes when he talks about it he says, baby sister, baby Ashlynn without my prompting.  I LOVE THIS.  I can't explain the sweetness there is in hearing him say her name.  I tell him he will meet her one day when we get Home to heaven.  Big concept for a little boy, but one day he'll understand.  I'm glad to tell him of our real Home.


My Life as a Mom said...

I love the necklace and it's symbolism. Andrew is so sweet:)

klarsen said...

So sweet. I love when Bobby says Hannah, too. He pronounces her name, "Hanni". So sweet. xxx

Marilyn said...

awesome! we just started talking w/ B about how we will "get" a baby besides the belly way.

Karin said...

So glad your necklace brings you peace. I have one with a forget-me-not and birthstones, and I love having my "babies" so close.

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