Thursday, June 24, 2010

Books and more...

37.  Books for Andrew.  I love children's books.  Since we have gotten the bed tent for Andrew, I have put books in his bed that he can read when he wakes up.  Surprisingly it has worked and today I didn't have to get him out of his crib until 8 (an hour later than usual)!  I'm thankful that he spends a little time by himself with his books each morning (at least for now).

38.  A nice dinner with my husband.  Last night we went to a seafood restaurant on the water.  I'm thankful for a little chance to break from the normal routine and also thankful that he had enough money left over from his business trip so that we could afford it.

39.  Leftovers.  I always have leftovers when we go out to eat.  Today I can have a tasty lunch without really just by warming them up. :)  The less work the better!

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MEBSwick said...

ooooooooo.... remind him to eat healthy and cheap so he can take you out EVERY time :) i heard the entertainment/enjoyment books allow you to go online and get more coupons for other cities... he could do the buy one get one thing w/ a collegeaue and split bill OR take stuff back to his hotel room?

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