Monday, June 21, 2010

The gift of sleep

36. Sleep.  "he grants sleep to those he loves" Psalm 127:2b  Last week Andrew started climbing out of his crib.  After one night of less than 3 hours of sleep, I was on a mission to find a crib tent.  I called around and the closest that I found was 2 hours away.  To preserve my sanity and my sleep, I took a road trip for the only tent in driving distance.  Now my son sleeps soundly in his bed all night.  Not only that, but he seems to sleep longer!  Praise God!


Marilyn said...

i find irony in that this was posted prior to 6 am...

still, praising God with you! woo hoo

My Life as a Mom said...

Praise God for whoever invented those wonderful crib tents!

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