Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goodness Grief

I've not been good with dealing with things as they happen in my past. Early on I learned to bottle things up and move on. They eventually come out in crooked ways. I've been to counseling to sort through years of build up deep within.

With all that said, how do I now live? I feel deeply grief and loss of our current situation. Hopefully this will work itself out in a healthy way within me.

I am wondering where the phrase "Goodness Grief" comes from. Surprisingly, I could not find it's origination online. (I thought the world wide web could tell me anything). If you know, please, do tell. I know that there is good that comes out of grief. I don't yet know what that good is right now.

Today was a very rough day. I felt and feel angry and teased by God. I don't know why he made everything look so perfect only to take some of it away. I have so many questions that run through my heart and cry out to Him for healing and help. Ultimately I trust Him, but my heart still asks and longs for answers.

I know this is a step in the process. By that, I am encouraged. I feel a strengthening at work within me, if that makes any sense. May God line my heart up with the rhythm of His.

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