Sunday, February 28, 2010

Share Your Pain

 Share Your Pain  

by Katie Marie

Grieve your loss, let the tears flow.
An ache within you, that no one else knows.
No apologies needed, from your mother heart.
This babe was a part of you, from the very start.

Though daylight unseen, your child had life.
Tis the sorrow of death that cuts like a knife.
Honor this babe, do not leave without name
Acknowledge the love to which they have claim.

Childhood dreams you never got to see.
Gather your friends, "Come weep with me."
Share your pain, words of anger too,
With willing hearts that will grieve with you.

Begin the healing, it will take some time,
From this pit of loss is an up hill climb.
No need to forget what might have been,
But look to the future...

and start again.

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