Friday, February 19, 2010

The sweetest morning

This morning's wake up was drastically different than most recent days.  For one thing, I actually slept completely through the night (I feel a difference already).  But the best thing about this day is my sweet little guy, Andrew, who is 22 months old.

At about 6:30  I hear a sweet low voice coming from his room, "Mommy," drawn out so it actually sounds like, "Mmooommmmmmmmmyyyyy." This is unlike the usually moans and cries to get out of bed.  When I get him out of his crib he has an ear to ear grin and we lay down together in his bed for a moment.  He asks me to sing, "Sing Jesus."  So I begin to sing "Jesus Love Me."  Only half awake it turns into a hum.  He again asks me to sing.  I made up a song that goes something like this, "I love my buddy boy, he gives me kisses and he gives me hugs, I love my buddy boy."  As I say kisses, he leans over with a big grin and gives me a kiss.  Then he lays back down and says, "Thank you."  My heart just melts.

Thank God for a day that I wake up in joy.

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My Life as a Mom said...

God gave you a needed hug through Andrew:)

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