Monday, March 22, 2010

Butterfly Mommies

Today I was added to an online network of bloggers at Butterfly Mommies. Check them out by clicking the button on the left.  I think this is an amazing ministry and only wish I had found it earlier.  It is nice to be able to connect with christians who are facing the same struggles as me. 

Here is a direct link:  Butterfly Mommies

Again, I think this is the best resource I have found for those experiencing the loss of a baby, so please pass it on if you know anyone that could benefit.


klarsen said...


Thank you for the compliments and the post :) Have you checked out our ministry? It's

Lots of love,

Lisa T said...

Thanks! Yes, I love that site, I guess I just kind of grouped them together, because I always enter the site through butterfly mommies!

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